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Written by GHI Team | 9 June 2014


BWT’s table water filters not only look great, but are also extremely practical to use.


With unique Mg2+ technology, BWT filter cartridges remove harmful substances and limescale-causing ingredients with a multi-stage filtering process, whilst enriching drinking water with magnesium. This technology provides top quality water that is perfect for making delicious tea and coffee or drinking straight from the tap.


BWT produces table water filters with both 2.5 and 2.7 litre capacities to accommodate a range of household needs. Both filters are dishwasher-safe and the 2.7 litre model is available in a variety of vibrant colours.


GHI Verdict


'After the first few initial fill ups the jug filters quickly.'

'Cartridges are quick and easy to change.'

'Well designed so cartridges can also be used in Brita jugs.'


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BWT Filter Jug GHI Approved