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Filtration & Drinking Water

Filtration systems typically comprise of a filter housing and disposable or washable filter, and are intended to be incorporated within a water supply system. Drinking water systems are similar in their design, although slim-line systems often make use of filter cartridges that do not require a separate filter housing. Their compact size makes them ideal for where space is limited. Drinking water systems are usually supplied with a tap and fixing kit for easy installation.


All filter assemblies should only be fitted to an approved and safe potable water supply.




• Drinking water
• Boiler pre-treatment
• Bore hole and spring water supplies
• Food processing
• Beverage preparation


Important: Cartridges should be replaced every three to six months (unless otherwise stated), depending on the quality of the incoming water and the amount of water used. Please refer to the cartridge guide for information on which cartridges to use.

All drinking water kits and water filters should be fitted with a suitable isolation valve and the pressure relieved from the system by opening a suitable tap prior to working on the filter or changing the cartridge.

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