​​​ ​​ Luxury Water® from BWT UK: Your softened water solution - BWT Best Water Technology 
Boost the sense of wellbeing in your lifeA sensation of wellbeing in the shower, gleaming
fixtures and fittings and soft, fluffy laundry –
discover the many benefits of soft water.
Protect your household against limescaleReduced limescale deposits mean your bath, shower,
fixtures and fittings will stay beautiful for longer.
Economise with BWTReduced energy consumption and lower
washing and cleaning agents costs – easy on your
household budget, kind to the environment.
Everything will sparkle like new!

Save time - Because we know that you want
to spend your time on the things that matter.


Luxury Water®

Luxury Water® from BWT offers a real difference that you can feel. Softened water brings a touch of luxury into your home, whether you choose to enjoy a revitalising shower or a hot, soothing bath, the richer lather and the softer suds created can help ease away the stresses of the day. Skin is left softer, smoother and feeling more replenished, whilst hair takes on a new shine. Luxury water also brings a new found softness to your laundry too. Soaps and detergents rinse out more easily, leaving clothes more cuddly, fluffier and softer to touch; a benefit the whole family

can enjoy throughout the day, and you use much less detergent too!




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