​​​ ​​ Bathroom Bliss with Luxury Water® - BWT Best Water Technology 

Bathroom Bliss

Luxury Water® from BWT offers a real difference that you can feel. Softened water brings a touch of luxury into your home, whether you choose to enjoy a revitalising shower or a hot, soothing bath, the richer lather and the softer suds created can help ease away the stresses of the day. Skin is left softer, smoother and feeling more replenished, whilst hair takes on a new shine.

Enjoy a revitalising shower or a hot bath. Bathroom bliss with Luxury Water®


Anecdotal evidence suggests that softened water can in some circumstances even help relieve the symptoms of skin complaints such as eczema.


Luxury Water not only cares for you and your family at bath time, but brings a new found softness to your laundry, too. Soaps and detergents rinse out more easily, leaving clothes more cuddly, fluffier and softer to touch, a benefit the whole family can enjoy throughout the day.


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