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Money Saving

You will be amazed at the difference Luxury Water® from BWT can make to your pocket and the environment. Whether you are washing clothes, cleaning your home, bathing or showering, softened water can help. Lathering more easily, it requires you to use less soap, less detergent and less conditioner than you normally would with hard water. Using less means less to buy, and those savings will soon start to add up.


less cleaners, energy and money saving with Luxury Water


Government statistics show that just a 6mm thickness of scale means boilers have to work harder and can reduce a boilers efficiency by up to 38%. Luxury water prevents new scale forming and will reduce existing scale, saving you money on energy and repair bills. With less wasted energy, fewer chemicals are destined for the drain, and with less bottles consigned to landfill, luxury water can also be a positive step in protecting the environment as well as being kinder to your clothes, skin and home.


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you will be amazed at the money saving with Luxury Water