​​​ ​​ Softer Laundry with BWT Luxury Water® - BWT Best Water Technology 

Softer Laundry

Choosing BWT as your Luxury Water® partner is the first step to realising the dream of irresistibly soft, silky, luxurious water in your home. Often needing less soap and detergents to work effectively softened water is kinder to your laundry, fabrics feel softer against your skin and colours last longer.

Blending form and functionality, BWT Luxury Water® solutions have been designed and developed to meet the demands of today's busy lifestyles, delivering copious amounts of softened water wherever you need it. Fitting comfortably into your home environment, a BWT water softener is the ideal partner to protect your clothes.


Choosing Luxury Water softneners you will have softer laundry


Choose BWT with complete confidence. As one of Europe's leading water softener manufacturers, BWT are able to deliver an unrivalled combination of experience and proven products. With a strong independent installer base and products widely available from all leading plumbers merchants kitchen and bathroom suppliers, all you need to do is ask for BWT by name.


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