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Water Softener Testimonials

 Testimonial by Mr. Mark Spackman  

Your customer service is one of the best I’ve come across. I called in the faint hope of speaking to someone around a possible fault to our water softner. To my surprise someone called back and arranged for my details to be passed to the service department. Louise, made contact and asked for some details, including serial number etc. After giving these details, I was emailed to say a service engineer would call around and to my surprise I had a two year guarantee. Simply brilliant customer service from start to finish. I’d highly recommend you guys.

-Mr. Mark Spackman- (2nd April 2020)

 Testimonial by Mrs. L Hicks  

Very polite engineer who left the kitchen clean and tidy. Very happy with the service.

-Mrs. L Hicks- (6th March 2020)

 Testimonial by Mrs. Helen  

The engineer, was a lovely, friendly and courteous chap, even taking his shoes off outside the door before I could ask. He really went the extra mile in explaining everything as I had a long list of questions and he also adapted a fitting in order that we could use the large hood the installer had not fitted. This really makes all the difference and we are delighted and can't thank him enough as we didn't think it was possible. If all engineers had that kind of commitment to customer care and satisfaction, the world we be a happier place.

-Mrs. Helen- (31st January 2020)

 Testimonial by Mrs. Hart  

The engineer was very helpful, polite and friendly. I was very impressed with how he went about his work, he is a really good ambassador for BWT.

-Mrs. Hart- (8th January 2020)

 Testimonial by Mrs Laurie Saunders  

Your engineer did a quick but conscientious job, checked the machine over, and renewed O ring seals. Much appreciated. Thanks.

-Mrs Laurie Saunders- (27th November 2019)

 Testimonial by Mrs Margaret Fry  

It is neat and compact and for the short time I have had this fitted, it seems to do its job as well as, and hopefully more ECO friendly than the previous one which I had had for some many years

-Mrs Margaret Fry- (21st August 2019)

 Testimonial by Mrs Emma Brimfield  

Super easy to install, peace of mind engineer check up was amazing! And most importantly no more limescale!

-Mrs Emma Brimfield- (21st August 2019)

 Testimonial by Mr David Blackburn  

Compact very reliable does what it says on the box. 
Shower glass not staining shower head clean
Taps stopped scaling up
Cleaning products work better

-Mr David Blackburn- (21st August 2019)

 Testimonial by Mr Geoffrey Diggens
The BWT is small and compact, fits into very small spaces. Does what it says on the tin.
This is our 3rd one in 30 years, you do not use as much shampoo soap or washing detergent. You do not get scum after having a bath.

-Mr Geoffrey Diggens- (21st August 2019)

 Testimonial by Dr Sam Bamdad  

It is very good. We already had WS for 15 years.

-Dr Sam Bamdad- (20th August 2019)

 Testimonial by Mr Barry Atkins  

Certainly noticed the difference in the softness of the water. Softness of the water making it easier to make soap bubbles when washing.

-Mr Barry Atkins- (20th August 2019)

 Testimonial by Mrs Brenda Barnett  

I am very pleased with my water softner. We had one previously but now realise that it wasn't working properly. I haven't had to descale my kettle since it was installed. Also the bathrooms and showers look sparkling without using any products. I haven't noticed any difference with my clothes as I use fabric softner. Overall I am very pleased..

-Mrs Brenda Barnett- (20th August 2019)

 Testimonial by Mr Martin Berelowitz  

Great product, easy to use once initially setup. Does it's thing in the background and fill up with salt once in a while.Love the way the water feels when you shower. No longer use salt in dishwasher or softner in washing machine.

-Mr Martin Berelowitz- (20th August 2019)

 Testimonial by Mr Ruzzkonski  

James was very professional and straight forward to deal with.

-Mr Ruzzkonski- (29th March 2019)

 Testimonial by Mr Digney

Great service could not fault it

-Mr Digney- (29th March 2019)

 Testimonial by Ms Sari

 Thank you to James (the Engineer) who was very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly too. We’re extremely impressed with BWT (they were recommended to us by my parents).

-Ms Sari- (29th March 2019

 Testimonial by J Loayza  
We just wanted to thank you for the things you sent us a few weeks ago. We are using the Magnesium Mineraliser for all of our cuppings and it is working perfectly.We recently ordered more filters. We haven't have the time to install the other filters to our tap water yet but we intend to do so after the rush of upcoming events.

-J Loayza- (25th March 2019)

 Testimonial by S Gibson  

Fabulous Customer Service - From an enquiry to a sorted solution in one go!

-S Gibson- (26th February 2019)

 Testimonial by M Fischer

 Excellent service by booking staff and engineer.

-M Fischer- (22nd February 2019)

 Testimonial by K Hains  
The service that we have received from you has been outstanding, from our telephone calls to your office to the visit of the engineer, Dave. Congratulations and keep it up - you stand out from the crowd.

-K Hains- (14th January 2019)

 Testimonial by M Yates
 Well one thing is for sure, the two of you put some of our other suppliers to shame when it comes to efficient customer service. I’d rank you top of the list for that!

-M Yates- (4th January 2019)

 Testimonial by F Hazell  Very compact, easy to use. Just keep filled with salt and it looks after itself.

-F Hazell-

 Testimonial by G Watkins  A good water softener which has made a big difference in the hard water area that we live.

-G Watkins-
 Testimonial by R Fenner  The BWT water softener totally removes the limescale build up on taps and tiles in the showers. It is simple to use, although I would like a low salt warning. The washing machine and kettles last longer and taking a shower feels great with the softer water.

-R Fenner-
 Testimonial by JP Gill  Its great its easy to maintain and was Money well spent

-JP Gill-
 Testimonial by S Lewis  Bought it to help with skin condition, helps a lot and the water tastes a lot fresher and smoother than your run of the mill tap

-S Lewis-
 Testimonial by D Cottrell  A great product, made things much easer to clean and keep lime scale free

-D Cottrell-
 Testimonial by S Bromfield  The BWT softener works seamlessly in the background and has met all expectations

-S Bromfield-
 Testimonial by I Mackay  Our BWT water softener was installed in a new house we built during 2016. The water softener was commissioned at the end of 2016 and immediately we noticed the difference when washing or showering. Very little soap is required and the water leaves the skin feeling quite smooth.

-I Mackay-

 Testimonial by RG Whiley  The difference is amazing, we live in a very hard water area, and now the limescale has disappeared, it's great !

-RG Whiley-

 Testimonial by A Young  It makes all our appliances last longer and keeps the toilet systems as new

-A Young-

 water softener testimonial 11  Very good and salt consumption much improved on my previous model

-D Broughton-

 water softener testimonial 12  Having the BWT Water Softener installed has made such a difference to keeping the bathroom surfaces, taps and sink shinier, cleaning times is quicker. Fewer products are needed, saving money and the environment and minimal products are needed on the skin and hair, products lather better and rinse off easier, leaving skin and grit softer and feeling silky.

-JA Atkinson-
 water softener testimonial 13  Well it’s nice after a shower that you don’t have to be fastidious about cleaning tiles and glass also no hard water marks around taps and sinks and not so hard on our boiler and washing machine wish we had put one in earlier

-B Guyver-
 water softener testimonial 14  I have had a water softener fitted for about 18 years and when it wore out I replaced it with one of the latest BWT products. I have noticed a considerable reduction in salt usage with even better results for water softening than before. The machine is fully automatic so trouble free running is normal. I would certainly recommend this product to any future buyer.

-R Taylor-
 water softener testimonial 15  We fitted our BWT water softener at the same time we refitted our Bathrooms. One year on no limescale to be seen and all the chrome and glass is as shiny as the day we fitted it.we would definitely recommend A BWT water softener.

-N Lewin-
 water softener testimonial 16  Luxury Water describes it perfectly.

-H Holden-
 water softener testimonial 17  The water is so much softer and appliances remain limescale free

-P Ball-
 water softener testimonial 18  This new water softener is a great improvement on the old one.

-A Brown-
 water softener testimonial 19  Helpful to prevent limescale built up on metal pipes and other metal areas , and cleaner glass pane on shower booth. Less water stain on glasses as well.

-A Lee-

 water softener testimonial 20 I’m really happy with it. Easy to install easy to use

-J Greenbaum-
 water softener testimonial 21 Having an inline water softener in a very hard water area means I no longer have to worry about replacing my kettle, iron or other appliances due to the mineral deposits. The dishwasher and washing machines stay clean and efficient and I can be assured the pipe work in the house is not degrading.

-A Taylor-
 water softener testimonial 22
Lovely Luxury soft water!

-C Loake-

 water softener testimonial 23 Efficiently seems to get on with the job and produces great soft water

-J Patel-

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