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Time Saving

The effects of irresistibly soft, silky, luxurious water can be seen and felt all over your home. Tough on scale and scum, BWT Luxury Water® will help keep your bathroom suite, shower and kitchen sparkling clean.


Easier to clean Time Saving with Luxury Water


 With the hardness minerals in your water supply removed, limescale deposits are prevented from building up. Cleaning becomes easier, faster and much less of a chore. Shiny surfaces, bright chrome and ceramics in kitchens, bathrooms and en-suites can be cleaned quickly, with less scrubbing and eliminating the need for harsh chemical cleaners or expensive limescale removers. With fewer chemicals destined for the drain and less bottles consigned to landfill, luxury water can also be a positive step to protecting the environment as well as being kinder to your hands and your home.


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